Monday, March 23, 2009

DC and Northern Virginia Business Coaching - Benefits For Everyone

In the past, businesses (and the government) have looked for college graduates because of their raw talent, hunger, and energy. There’s no replacement for someone who can work for hours on end - on suspect diets of caffeine and Twinkies. There are also folks who have been around the workforce for a while, but who may have pigeon-holed themselves into a certain job type or role. Many of these folks could use some serious business coaching.

There may even be many among the experienced workforce set who have lost some of their communication and business skills, and may feel they are in a dead end job with nowhere to go. These can be office workers, public servants or military professionals, IT professionals and even corporate managers or executives. It can be depressing thinking that you are stuck in one field and at one salary. It’s even worse when the economy turns south (or IS south, as in Antarctica South, right now), because you continually take cuts in pay and that can petrify you into never actually acting on a job change or opportunity.

The is the right time, in this economy, to take stock of your personal capability to derive success, satisfaction and reward from your business role and efforts.

(Were you at last week's PAX River NAS job fair, at the Southern Maryland Conference Center by J.T. Daugherty?) Were you prepared?

The truth is, with a little bit of business coaching you can learn how to revive your career, make some gains financially, and ultimately become more satisfied in your job…and Maryland, DC and Northern Virginia business coaching is readily available from a number of trained and qualified coaches.

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