Sunday, July 6, 2008

PAX River Government Contractor Services

Ever notice the densely-packed, sleek office buildings on Rt. 235 near Lexington Park and the PAX River Naval Air Station (NAS)? Most of these are occupied by government contractors, supporting the NAS in everything from human resources to critical aviation engineering and computer systems maintenance. Companies like Lockheed Martin, NAVAIR, BAE Systems, SAIC, Veridian Engineering, DynCorp, ManTech, Booz Allen Hamilton, Sabre Systems, Eagan McAllister, and many others.

We'll point out that the Naval Air Station is the largest employer in our area (hosting over 17,000 personnel, with many more times as much related businesses in the surrounding area), and so many defense contractors coming in and out of the area on long or short-term contracts obviously need quick turnaround when finding Lexington Park apartments, houses, housing contractors, temporary or permanent office space, and storage units.

We can recommend a few long-time, local businesses that cater to PAX River contractor staff, like those from the companies listed above. For example:

PAX River Hotels
Southern Maryland Conference Center Services
Naval Air Station Apartments
PAX River NAS Self Storage

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PAX River Fourth of July

A bit wet for a PAX River Fourth of July - the St. Mary's College River Concert Series "A Jazzy 4th" was a fantastic performance, with Jeff Silberschlag and the Chesapeake Orchestra safely ensconsed under the performance tent, while some drenching thunderstorms had most scurrying for cover, umbrellas or tents...the storms let up just in time for the 1812 overture, and great fireworks over St. Mary's River by 9:15 or's a nice shot from the weekend near the St. Jerome's creek inlet...