Sunday, August 28, 2011

Hurricane Irene 2011 Aftermath St. Mary's County MD

Driving around St. Mary's today, after Hurricane Irene blew through, seeing hundreds of trees down and damaging power lines - starting at Charlotte Hall and extending south on Rt. 5 through St. Mary's College, all the way to Pt. Lookout, and then all along Rt. 235/301 up past Lexington Park nearly to Waldorf. Our local elementary in Ridge has power lines dangling all over the entrance to the property - so no school tomorrow I'll guess. This damage and power outages may take at least a week to repair, if not more. Docks around St. Jerome's creek suffered popped boards, but not major damage. Flooding through Great Mills, over the road earlier.

Trees over power lines and streets on Rt. 5 South of Leonardtown.

St. Mary's River at St. Mary's College - angry, high brown whitecaps on a normally sedate bay.