Saturday, July 3, 2010

Southern Maryland Chesapeake Bay - Nature Log July 2010

Have meant to do this for a while - catalog nature as it appears around our house and the bay through the year...

Early July 2010

  • Little yellow and green caterpillars eating our Dill
  • 1-2 yr. old Ospreys sparring in the skies above the nesting Adults with their babies
  • 8-10 inch diameter Bay turtles eyeballing us
  • Crabs getting bigger, now all sizes, from rusty 2-inchers to fat 8-inchers
  • Lots of 2-inch diameter jellyfish, tentacles grown out to almost 2 feet, and stinging!
  • Trumpet Vines flowering (orange, trumpet-shaped vines)
  • Shore guppies growing, up to 2-inches now
  • Fiddler crabs about mid-grown, getting fat
  • A few Japanese Beetles
  • 3 black sea snake sightings
  • Flipping fish more active in the mornings, now, still waiting for our "circus fish", who like to jump over floating sticks
  • Mosquitos, as usual, big and fat, along with the broadwing large black flies
  • Little bunnies growing up, active in the mornings/evening eating the lawn
  • Large Blue Herons are enjoying the big guppies, now

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St. Mary's County Fireworks and River Concert Series

What a fantastic night and double-capacity crowd for the annual St. Mary's College River Concert Series, along with the Independence Day fireworks - no more than 80 degrees, few bugs, tons of great food and Southern Maryland caterers including Quality Street Caterers of Leonardtown, MD - affiliating soon with J.T. Daugherty Events Center of Lexington Park.



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