Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Crabs are gone, but Oysters are Plentiful in Southern Maryland, Chesapeake

Haven't posted in a while, did try to catch crabs in St. Jerome's creek 2nd week of October - got half a bushel, but it appears the #1 Jimmies were already migrating out to deeper waters....Ospreys are halfway to Venezuela of course, but a nice family of Eagles is still around.  Oysters are coming into season now, locally-grown (Skinny-Dippers!) by the True Chesapeake Oyster company, a fantastic local aquaculture facility.

We've seen firsthand how the oysters clean and control water quality here, over the years - extremely beneficial to both the local economy and ecology.

Much more information coming this winter about life in this area of the bay, southern St. Mary's county, and the opportunities and availability of oysters, crabs etc.  Thanks Paul at Kellam's Seafood for a new crab trap this year, expertly-made as usual!