Tuesday, August 4, 2009

High Summer in PAX River Bay Country, St. Mary's County MD

Welcome to high summer in lower Bay Country, St. Mary's County, MD. Mosquitoes and chiggers are out to play (with all this rain lately), trumpet vines and blackberries too. Spot and the occasional bluefish are biting, and fat jimmies are swarming our crab pots. The cownose rays have retreated to cooler waters, corn and soybeans are maturing fast, the nettles are up (but not too far, with all the fresh water flowing into the creeks). The Governor's Cup sailing race is a memory, but the Ridge fire station carnival is coming, and the St. Mary's fair in a month or so. Our local Osprey babies have shed their down, and learned to fly and fish. Pool supplies are low and cheap in the stores, and back-to-school shopping is picking up quick. The drive up 4 or 5 into DC is pretty reasonable in traffic - and the mennonites are busy with fully-loaded roadside stands.

It's time to relax, grab a Bruster's ice cream, and skip a weekend's lawn mowing.

PAX River mennonites,PAX River Amish,St. Mary's Amish
Rt. 5 Mennonites

PAX River marina,St. Mary's River,St. Mary's sailing
Waiting for Governor's Cup finishers at St. Mary's College Marina - and catching fat minnows

PAX River sailing,St. Mary's College,Governor's Cup
Watching the Governor's Cup at St. Mary's College

PAX River crabbing
Fresh, rusty jimmies! (and a few softies)

PAX River ice cream
Best St. Mary's County Ice Cream, period - Bruster's Real Ice Cream, Hollywood.