Sunday, March 13, 2011

Southern Maryland Chesapeake Bay - Nature Log Early March 2011

Spring is definitely in the air - all the birds doing their mating dances, and migrating Geese on the wing...

- Buffleheads are very active now (first time we've seen them down in St. Jerome's Creek) - little black and white diving ducks, chasing each other around

- The crows are chasing the owls around

- Rockfish are huge and fat right now, 6 pounder we purchased fo $27 was about the best fish we've ever eaten

- A few large flying bugs were spotted, warming up in the cold morning sun

- Squirrels are very active

- Mating Ospreys reappeared, getting active with scoping out their nests

- Not much visible under the water in the shallows, except some small clams washing up

- Time to cover the porch furniture anticipating an explosion of pine tree pollen, yellow dust covering everything in April

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